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Frequently asked questions

Terms of booking and deposit:

Upon confirmation of an itinerary suitable to you/your group (tours you see on our website can be modified depending on your requirements), we’ll require from you a deposit necessary for booking your tour with Holiday Tours In Morocco. At the start of your tour in Morocco, we ask that you pay the balance of your booked tour.

Terms of cancellation for private tours :

If you wish to cancel your tour, we must receive a confirmation via e-mail. Cancelation is possible within the following conditions:

  • 2 Months or more before you’re the start date of your tour: 100 % refundable.
  • 2 weeks : 50% refunds.
  • 1 week or less: not refundable.

Changes and flexibility :

We are fully flexible in making any changes on your private tour according to your travel requirements/type of accommodations. However contact us for changes made within 2 weeks at least before starting your tour with us.

Travel insurance:

The travel insurance is required in your travels to Morocco to be used in any case of Emergency. So you can buy it and bring a copy of the document, as the travel insurance must cover trip cancellation, for an accident can happen or any emergencies situations.

Do i need vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required for travelling to Morocco. The tap water in the cities is safe to drink, but mineral water is recommended.

Is there any dress code for women visiting Morocco?

No. You may wear whatever you feel comfortable in, we only have one exception on tours of the Mosque like Hassan II. To enter you would need to dress conservatively as you would in a church (no shorts, tanks tops, etc.).

As in any country you should use direction with your attire if you want to avoid unwanted attention.

Is Morocco a safe destination?

Morocco has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and, compared to the US and Europe, is considered a very safe destination. Moroccan people are known for their hospitality and they will make you feel very welcomed, for more information on the topic contact us and we’ll provide you with some personal single-traveller experiences.

WARNING: we kindly recommend that the following travellers reconsider our camel trekking experience:

  • If you are 70 years of age/older
  • If you are a pregnant woman
  • If you have recently undergone surgery, or have any physical illness/conditions